Month: February 2014

Is God Great?

I recently received, via my personal Facebook page, the Youtube video from April of 2011, featuring Vince Gill and Carrie Underwood’s amazing rendition of the gospel song “How Great Thou Art” — where an audience of country music elite watched with tearful eyes as Carrie sang her heart out and then received a well deserved standing ovation. Let’s face it, whether you like the song or not, the girl can sing!

In the caption for the video, the original poster told people that if they wanted to “feel the Holy Spirit” within them, they should watch the video. I actually hesitated because although I believe in God with all my heart, I am on the fence about what is referred to by the religious as the Holy Spirit–although I am confident we all do possess a spirit, a soul, I sometimes get my feathers ruffled at religion’s definition and use of the Holy Spirit.

Then I righted myself, as I so often do when it comes to things like this, times when I feel like I am being pulled into religion, and I reminded myself that it’s perfectly o.k. to recognize God, the Universe, Karma and all other instances of His existence, by enjoying what may be viewed as a by-product of religion, most notably the music. I took a step back and reminded myself that proclaiming the greatness of God is a good thing, it lifts the spirit (regardless of spirituality) and reminds us of just how great God is and how wonderful His creation–both ourselves and the universe–thrives when something like a song, verse or poem reaches deep inside us and pulls our sometimes weary spirit to the forefront of our thoughts and brightens our day!

After watching the video I realize that more times than not the gospel music and hymns I grew up with, those old-time religion hymns I know word-for-word are just phrases that lift God’s greatness within us. Isn’t that what we want? To be reminded of how great God is? How amazing the Universe has come together for us? Absolutely! You can be non-religious, not attend church and still be mindful of God’s greatness, and how fortunate we are to be a part of this vast existence He has knitted around us.

So, sure, watch the video and any others like it that lift your spirit and your eyes to the heavens, to the great universe and realize no matter where you are right now you too can say “how truly great you are“!